Ticket Transfers And Refunds



With a very few exceptions, tickets to Lakes of Fire 2019 are transferable and not refundable.  Please look for a “transfer” button next to your ticket on the Burner Tickets site, and contact the ticketing team if you have questions.

Lakes of Fire will not refund a transferable ticket; it is the owner’s responsibility to transfer the ticket if they are unable to participate.

To receive a transfer ticket, the recipient must have an account with Burner Tickets, which can be created at any time.  Prior registration for the lottery is not required.

To transfer a ticket:

1) The ticket owner should log in to their BurnerTickets.com account.

2) Select “My Events/Transfers”.  The ticket holder should see a “Transfer” button.

3) Clicking that button will start the transfer process.

Please be sure that you want to transfer the ticket, as the Ticketing Team is unable to reverse a transfer once it is completed.

Lakes of Fire does not refund transferred tickets; payment is between the sender and recipient.  Please do not ask for or pay more than the face value of the ticket ($116 full-price, $58 discounted price).

To accept a ticket transfer:

1) The recipient should find the transfer offer email from the current ticket owner.  The subject will be “BurnerTickets.com: Someone is trying to transfer to you!”

2) Click on the red button in the email that says “Accept/Deny this ticket transfer”

3) You will be taken to BurnerTickets.com (and asked to log in to your account, if necessary) to accept or reject the ticket transfer.

Once you accept, the ticket is yours and the former owner cannot reverse the transfer.

If you have a non-transferable ticket and need to refund it, please email ticketing@lakesoffire.org.