Lakes Letter – January 21, 2022

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Lakes of Fire Dates for 2022

We are so thrilled to announce official dates for Lakes of Fire 2022, Lakes in Space! Clear your calendars, request time off, and start your engines: our spaceship will be taking off Wednesday June 15th, 2022 and returning back to Earth on Sunday June 19th, 2022.

Be on the lookout for our COVID-19 policy announcement and information about ticket sales these upcoming weeks. Information regarding 2021’s cancellation and rolled-over tickets can be found here.

Ticket Price and Purchase Dates

The 2022 ticket price, including fees, will be $150.00. Because of the 2020 and 2021 cancellations, 2020 ticket holders were given some options for what to do (once more, here is the 2021 cancellation and rolled-over ticket FAQ). We are honoring 2020 ticket holders by giving them the option to buy a 2022 ticket first. This includes volunteers who bought their 2020 ticket and people who bought their ticket in the 2020 lottery. People awarded tickets through the Directed Theme Camp Ticket program will need to re-apply in 2022 (see “Apply for Theme Camp Tickets Now” below for the link).

2020 ticket holders will be able to buy a 2022 ticket starting March 1st and ending April 1st. After April 1st, we will know how many tickets we can still offer within our capacity at Lucky Lake. The number of available tickets will determine how we distribute the rest (such as a lottery or fire sale) this year. Watch this Lakes Letter as we approach April 1st for more information.

Need Based Tickets and Minor Tickets

Your volunteer Lakes of Fire Ticketing Leads are excited to share big updates to the ticket process in 2022. Our hope is that these changes will continue to foster our inclusive community, as well as simplifying the process for our attendees.

Need-Based Ticketing: We are retiring the Low Income Discount Ticketing program, and replacing it with a Need Based Ticketing Program. If you are a burner with financial need, please apply here, as this new program is now open. This form closes February 20th at 11:59 pm (Central). For more information about the program, read on.

We understand that basing a discounted ticket primarily on reported income level is intrusive for our applicants, and that income alone does not accurately reflect financial need. Therefore, we will no longer be asking for any financial information. Instead, the application for a Need Based Ticket will be self-certification of a “significant financial need”. We have set aside the same pool of dollars to supplement our attendees in need, and that pool will be divided equally amongst all applicants. We strongly encourage those attendees who have a significant financial need to apply, and we strongly discourage those who do not have a significant financial need from applying. We trust our community to be honest in their self-declaration and not to try and take advantage of the system.

We plan to supplement the funds for this program in two ways. First, we will begin accepting direct donations to the Need Based Ticket money pool. Second, we will ask those Volunteers who have earned a half-priced ticket if they would like to donate the difference from their reduced price to those in our community with financial need.

Minor Ticketing: We are streamlining the minor ticketing process to make it easier for parents and young burners alike. No longer will each minor have to have their own Burnertickets account, and parents will no longer have to monitor or deal with their minor’s account(s). Instead, parents who receive a ticket offer will be allowed to claim their minor child’s ticket when they purchase their own. There will be a nominal fee of $10 per child to offset our costs with Burnertickets. With this change, a parent will be able to purchase tickets for their child(ren) when they check out, families will know they are ticketed together, and there will be no more stress about ticketing families together. Lakes of Fire is committed to including our younger burners (and perhaps future Volunteer Leads), and keeping our event an experience for all ages.

Apply for Theme Camp Tickets Now

The Directed Theme Camp Ticket Application Form is open! We reserve 10% of our tickets (230) for Theme Camp Critical Personnel who would not otherwise be able to attend Lakes without a Directed Theme Camp Ticket. We’re looking forward to seeing your awesome theme camp at Lakes in Space 2022! Impress our jury, and make sure those critical folks who make your Theme Camp a reality have a ticket this year. If your theme camp already has tickets, you don’t need to fill out this form. This form closes February 13th at 11:59 PM (Central). Please note: THIS IS NOT THE THEME CAMP PLACEMENT APPLICATION. That form is not yet open – check back in the next Lakes Letter!

Directed Tickets are Back – Join the Jury!

Ticketing Needs YOU to join our Theme Camp Directed Ticket Jury! We’re offering four (4) Volunteer Hours for three community members to rate and rank the Theme Camp Applications for Directed Tickets! You must identify and recuse yourself from judging camps with which you are affiliated. We’re looking for jury members who can commit to reviewing and ranking applications February 20th – 27th. Use this form to apply. This form closes February 13th at 11:59 PM (Central).

Art Grants Update

The Art Grants Team is thrilled to announce that the application process for Lakes of Fire 2022 art grants is open! The application, grant guidelines and other helpful information is located on the Art Grants page here.

For 2022, we continue to use “Lakes in Space” as our event theme. We hope this will inspire you to develop some dramatic and interesting proposals to wow us after being away for the past two years. We have set aside $500 of the art grant funds specifically for our young participants. We want our young burners to showcase their creations, and so we are planning a gallery just for youth art at the Nexus. More details to come.

The Art Grants Application Form closes on February 15th at 11:00 PM EST. Our goal as a team is to communicate out to the community the results of our decision making process no later than the week of March 7, 2022.

As far as how much we can offer in grant funds in 2022, we are still finalizing that. We are coordinating with granted artists from 2020 and reviewing the 2022 budget for additional funds. We will be certain to share the total available funds for 2022 with the community as soon as we can.

2020 Art Grant Recipients! If you were awarded an art grant in our 2020 cycle, please make sure you have communicated with your grants facilitators. Our team has sent emails to everyone to confirm participation but have not heard from everyone about whether or not they plan to bring those pieces to the 2022 event. Any 2020 grantee who has not confirmed their participation in the 2022 event by this Sunday, January 23, 2022 will be assumed that their project is no longer viable and the remaining grant funds will be added to the pot of available 2022 grant funds. Please do not delay in communicating with your art grants facilitator.

So get them wheels a turning, designs a drawing, and applications a submitting! All information can be found at http://lakesoffire.org/departments/art-hub/art-grants/.

Our New Board of Directors

We are excited to introduce our 2022 Board of Directors!

We want to commend the seven people who applied for the positions available on the Board of Directors for 2022. The job requires a lot of time, energy, and care for the community and event as a whole. The amount of courage and love it took to apply for this position deserves it’s own moment of recognition.

We decided to extend offers to four of those who applied. They each have an unique experience and skill set, and they inspired us with their own individual brand of enthusiasm and passion. All four have the tools and temperament to serve as Board members and we can’t wait to see how they will contribute to the long-term sustainability of our organization.

Without further ado, we’d like to welcome the following wonderful beings (human and otherwise) to the Board!

We are proud to welcome Neha Singh, Ben “just ben” Gonzales, Eric “Pirate” Branson, and Robert “Scuba” Lawler.

Please help us welcome and congratulate these rock star volunteers!

So many thanks go out to our outgoing Board members, Ila “Jackpot” Coltas, Laura “Jin” Thompson, Megan Smith-Jovanovic, and Scott “Skennedy” Kennedy.

Thank you for all your time and care as we travel again along this path of transition,

just ben, Love Warrior, moni, Neha, Pirate, Scuba

Board of Directors

Great Lakes Experimental Arts, Inc.

Lakes in Space Effigy Announcement

A garbled transmission comes over your headset. Your music is overpowered with static and a frantic message.

(zzzzzchhhh) had to eject (sssshhhhhh) finally broke through warp bubble (ptthhhhhbbbt) impact projected for (brrrrrrrrnn) must be destroyed with fire (zzz zzz zzz) it’s coming be ready!
The Life Star will crash into Lucky Lake June 15, 2022 – will you be ready?

Volunteer info available soon!

<3 Zack & Leta your effigy leads

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We haven’t flown this contraption in two decades! Or has it been three…? Anyway, time to get out Burning for Dummies and remember the basics.