Lakes Letter – Oct 18th 2020

LAKES LETTER || Introducing our 2021 Board of Directors | Code of Conduct Committee: Call for Volunteers

Introducing our 2021 Board of Directors

Many thanks need to go out to the 11 people who applied for the two positions available on the Board of Directors for 2021. The job requires a lot of time, energy, and care for the community and the event as a whole. There were many worthy candidates, but we chose two for their insightful perspectives on how to improve the event, their strong skill sets that complement the other 2021 Board members, and their undeniable enthusiasm for the event and for the work it requires.

We are proud to welcome Tony “The Love Warrior” Holmes and Moni “Donut” Pilcher! 

Please help us welcome and congratulate these rock star volunteers. They will be joining us as listeners for the months preceding the official switch out in January.

Our gratitude goes to Jessica “Rabit” Baile and Scottie Van de Vyver, our outgoing Board members, for working their asses off over the last 3 years to take care of the event and everyone involved with it. Your efforts are deeply appreciated, and we will miss your energy. Time to go be a part of the problem!

This event thrives through the willingness of burners to step up and volunteer – if you want to make a difference, please consider becoming a volunteer, asking your Department how you can show leadership, and apply for the Board in a future year!


Code of Conduct Committee: Call for Volunteers

Looking for a way to get involved with Lakes of Fire year-round? The Code of Conduct Committee is currently seeking volunteers.

We take Code of Conduct violations seriously, including having an accessible, safe, and publicly known process for reporting and handling issues.

The Conduct Committee’s role is to provide empathetic support, review conduct incidents, document reports, and make recommendations to the Board of Directors. We aim to ensure our participants can report issues without fear of retribution or bias and with confidentiality. Having a focused, anonymous committee to handle these reports creates community involvement, relieves any intimidation or embarrassment for reporters, and allows the organization to continue to provide a safe space for participants.

If you are interested in being a part of this anonymous, 5-person panel, please indicate your interest via the Code of Conduct Committee application form.

Please see our Code of Conduct to review what our community standards are and for more information on how to submit a report to the committee.  Thank you for keeping our burn a safer place for all.

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One day at a time, with each other. That’s how we’ll get through this.