Lakes Letter – Aug 18, 2020

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Lakes Leadership 2021

During the ongoing pandemic and protests against systemic racial inequality, Great Lakes Experimental Arts and our entire community are challenged to look to the future with a new imagination. Our temporary, intentional, and physical community at Lucky Lake simply did not happen in 2020. No one felt the call to step up and fill an empty shift; no one got a taste of helping in a new department; no one got to take the reins as a first-time shift lead. We grieve the joy of coming together for the burn itself, and also more. We grieve a year of unrealized volunteerism against the backdrop of a nation that desperately needs more community, accountability, and mutual aid in every regard.

That’s why our Lakes of Fire leadership wants to connect to our community a little bit differently this year.

Lakes Leadership is a new page on our website. Here we will publish dates and links to virtual meetings to help shape Lakes of Fire in 2021 and beyond. These virtual events exist to describe our event’s structures and processes with more transparency, to recruit volunteers for leadership roles, and to solicit open feedback as we review and reshape our policies. Our goal is for this openness to attract community members into active org positions while also giving transparent insight and voice to everyone our policies affect.

If you are interested in having a voice in our policy or taking a leadership role in 2021, please go to the Lakes Leadership page. If you don’t see the kind of topics or meetings you are interested in, tell us! You can simply use the Lakes Leadership Suggestion Box.

Recruitment for the Board of Directors

Are you interested in joining the Board of Directors at GLEA? Great! We’re looking to onboard 2 new people in 2021.

Great Lakes Experimental Arts, Inc. is seeking highly-dedicated volunteers to join the Board of Directors. Board members are the legal face of Lakes of Fire and are directly responsible for the long term production and sustainability of our event. There are no prerequisites for joining other than a deep commitment to seeing Lakes of Fire continue to thrive.

If you feel you have the experience and desire to serve the organization, event, and attendees through this vital role, fill out the interest form before 11:59 pm EST on October 1, 2020 to be considered for the open Board positions.

BoD BIPOC Open House

On August 30th at 3 pm ET, members of the GLEA Board of Directors will hold a virtual Open House specifically for BIPOC community members. This event is to allow BIPOC burners an opportunity to speak directly to the GLEA Board about the open Board positions.

The Board of Directors would like to hear the experiences and ideas of burners who are Black, Indigenous, or people of color and answer your questions about leadership and what the future of Lakes of Fire could look like.

If you are interested in applying to be on the Board of Directors or have questions or thoughts about leadership in our community, please join us.

This conversation is intended to open up space for those who are Black, Indigenous, or people of color, as their voices often go unheard in majority white spaces. There will be a Board Open House that is open to all on September 4th.

You can send in your questions to the GLEA BOD 2021 Question Box.

If you know you’d like to serve on the Board of Directors, the LOF Board Interest form for 2020 is now available!

BoD Virtual Open House

On September 4th (time TBD and will be announced), the GLEA Board of Directors will host a virtual Open House. This event is open to the entire community. During the Open House, the Board will take most of the meeting time to describe the duties of the Board and answer questions that were submitted in advance. You can send in your questions to the GLEA BOD 2021 Question Box.

If you know you’d like to serve on the Board of Directors, the LOF Board Interest form for 2020 is now available!

BLM Action Statement Pending

The GLEA Board of Directors promised the community a written statement on specific policy steps to support BIPOC burners, elevate BIPOC voices, and explicitly address racism and racial inequality when it appears in our community. The statement isn’t ready yet. But work is happening. The BoD BIPOC Open House to recruit for at least one open Board of Directors position is the most specific and direct action the BoD is taking today.

The entire GLEA leadership understands the urgency and importance of taking transparent, specific action. We look forward to sharing more soon and appreciate everyone’s patience.

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One day at a time, with each other. That’s how we’ll get through this.