Lakes Letter – April 11th, 2019

TOPICS: Art Grant and Honorarium Recipients | Key Dates and Forms | Wee Effigy Application Open | Volunteering Update

Art Grant and Honorarium Recipients

Congratulations to this year’s Art Grants and Art Honorarium recipients!  We set aside $35,000 for Art Grants in 2019, and now you can behold the full list of recipients for yourself.  A big thanks to everyone who applied.

And another huge thanks to our over fifteen Art Honorarium recipients for 2019!  Check out these descriptions by the artists of pieces coming from near and far for your viewing, listening, and playing pleasure.

Key Dates and Forms

See the Key Dates and Forms page for a complete list of those things.  Coming up soon:

    • Theme Camp Registration closes April 15th
    • Art Project Registration closes May 1st, if you’re bringing art that requires placement
    • Flame Effect Registration closes May 1st
    • Mutant Vehicle Registration closes May 1st
    • Fire Dancer and Conclave Form opens May 2nd

Wee Effigy Application Open

An extra special shout-out for Wee Effigy Applications!  The form is open – if you want to bring a lil extra bit to burn at the effigy, fill in your application today.

Volunteering Update

What a turnout.  The Lakes of Fire leads have received hundreds of volunteers for 2019.  Thank you for such a huge response! We have been diligently working through all our contact lists, with the goal of following up with everyone who expressed interest.  If you haven’t received any contact yet, sit tight and you should hear from us in the coming weeks.

You can also expect another round of volunteer calls soon, especially in these areas:

  • Rangers (Training events are coming up in Chicago!)
  • LNT
  • Perimeter Ninjas
  • FAST for the Effigy

New Policies in 2019

There are multiple changes coming to Lakes of Fire this year.  We will continue to link to them in the New Policies section of each news blast as they are announced. Sign up now for the Lakes Letter if you want these updates in your inbox.

    • Tickets (excluding LIT) are transferable this year!
    • We do not anticipate a fire sale for 2019
    • See the Ticketing Process Page for more

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