Ticket Window Closing Soon!

All ticket offers made from today forward will expire at 11:59:59PM on May 31 (Central Time).

After that time, no further wait list offers will be made.

As always, check the date on your offer email, as that will be the date associated with *your* offer (as we sometimes run into problems tweaking the system for a potential Fire Sale.)

If you need to REFUND, please log into the ticketing system, click on the “Ticketing Sales” tab, and click the REFUND button. There is a bug in the ticketing system that impacts people who purchased a ticket with a code (theme camp directed tickets, volunteers, etc.) so if you are in this category please email tickets@lakesoffire.org and we will work with you directly.

If you get an offer and don’t want to accept it, *please* take the 22 seconds to log in and click “no thanks” so the next person in line can come home to Lakes of Fire!